Our Story

How It Began

During the 70’s when I attended public high school in the Virgin Islands, I received no guidance as a high school student. I wanted to attend college, but the counselors dismissed me because I had an immigrant status (I was born in Trinidad & Tobago). My confidence was shook by the school system and the counselors that refused to develop my learning skills, and their dismissal drove me to graduate from high school and attend college.

The Center for Educational Growth, Inc.

The Founder Story

My challenges with the school system and adverse encounters with school counselors inspired me to pursue a career in counseling and education. My passion and desire to provide students the help I did not receive allowed me to assist every student regardless of their race, nationality, gender, or economic status. I devoted my life to the guidance of young people because I believe they deserve such guidance. During my 32 years of public service in the Virgin Islands, I helped thousands of students navigate education systems, receive their high school diplomas, and pursue graduate degrees. In my tenure as a public servant to education, no student under my care has been turned away from obtaining the education and pursuit of learning they wanted.

Formation Of CFEG

Although my career as a counselor led to student success, I wanted to do more, create new ways to learn, and build students a system of education that was an accomplishment. In 2018, I retired from working within the public school system and immediately started planning a new way to offer students education solutions. I knew I wanted students to feel that their individual lives mattered. I wanted students to have an alternative to the brick and mortar school systems, which do not always offer students the type of education made to fit their individual needs. In 2019, I founded the non-profit The Center for Educational Growth, Inc. (“CFEG”), creating a virtual and in person school devoted to building education solutions and new ways for professionals, teachers, and counselors to educate. CFEG was created to provide parents with more education options for their children, and CFEG specializes in providing students the tools they need to direct their learning.


Since 2019 CFEG helped students raise their GPA from 2.0 to 3.0

In 2020 CFEG students entering into the 6th grade now read at the 11th grade level

In 2021 CFEG Academic Programs accelerated 8 sophomores to the senior grade level

In 2022 CFEG seniors will be graduating with college credits

100% of CFEG High School Seniors graduated and were accepted into College

100% of CFEG Recovery Students received grades 27% higher in previously failed classes

In 2023 CFEG Increased its Graduates by Over
Increase Enrollment 2024
CFEG's Exponential Growth

CFEG's Exponential Growth

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